Why you should choose us?


Here at Mayhem, we take huge pride in our site. We believe we are the best outdoor Laser site in the UK! We have been running as an outdoor pursuits sports venue since 1987, we are fully insured and our safety record is impeccable.

Mayhem is accredited by the United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation (accreditation number 1010), which is the UK's paintball governing body. For more information on the extensive tests a site has to pass to be accredited by the UKPSF, please visit the UKPSF website.


Our purpose-built Laser Tag facility is conveniently located in the Essex/North East London area just off the M25 and M11, or just a short cab trip from Debdan station. Our facilities are second to none and we are renowned for our cutting-edge technology and for being the ultimate venue for Laser games; we have amazing playing areas packed with features.

At the end of your session we offer free tea, water and orange squash. As a host of your own party, you can either bring your own food or you can order Domino's Pizza through us!

All the equipment and camouflage overalls are provided for players, although we do recommend bringing old trainers with good laces or boots along with comfortable clothing that you are happy running around in. A normal day’s play consists of 10 games staged in 5 different areas, with teams getting the chance to start from both sides on each map.  Laser Mayhem is a modern version of Quazar and Laser Quest. Therefore, bringing old 80's style laser tag into the new age with more of a Call of Duty realism, complete with Russian Battle Tanks, Planes, Helicopters and so much more.  We are always adding new features and striving to improve our fields in order to give our customers the best day possible.

We believe we offer a completely unique experience; nowhere else can you play Outdoor Laser tag with Real Military hardware, have the opportunity to shoot out of a real British armoured personnel carrier or be able to re-enact a hostage situation in a real plane.  We offer more of an intense and gripping game than your average Quazar and Laser Quest day out.  With 10 different outdoor playing areas, as well as an indoor map (if the weather is really bad).  Laser Mayhem offers a fantastic experience all year round, we have a heated conference hall and party rooms for parents waiting for your 'little soldiers' and for when you have finished your Laser Tag session so that you can have food in the warm and dry.

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