Laser Mayhem, Essex

Laser Mayhem's School Holiday Games

coming this Easter!

Roblox FPS vs Fortnite

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Get ready to set your phasers to fun fun fun!

This Half Term holiday, Roblox  vs Fortnite outdoor Laser tag, with bigger and better game modes, enhances your Laser tag Rifle with 'loot crates'  in our real-life first-person shooter.
"The Storm", watch out, using smoke to recreate the killer fog, we will play your favourite FPS Game Modes. Ideal for kids and adults a treat for the family! Perfect for age groups 7+ and a great day out for all the family.
New Maps to play with Tanks, planes and helicopters we even will play one of our replica Call of duty fields!
Wednesday 21st February 2 pm, join us for 2 hours of action-packed Roblox vs Fortnite Laser tag! 

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