Terms & Conditions

Laser Mayhem and Mayhem Events only allows paintballs supplied by Mayhem Events on the day of your booking to be used at our venue.  All players have to agree to be bound by the safety rules and fill in a release and rental form.  If any player is unable to comply with the Mayhem safety instructions they will be excluded from play without refund.


Every booking is subject to Mayhem's availability and discretion. If, however the date you choose is not available for any reason, then a suitable alternative date will be offered to you.  Please book as early as possible we suggest you should try to book at least three weeks before the day you wish to come to Mayhem.


Laser Mayhem will not refund all or any proportion of the Event Participation Fee if the Participant is unable to attend the Event or once the Participant has participated in the Event. This policy is non-discriminatory and, so as to provide fairness and clarity to all participants, Mayhem Events cannot take account of any individual circumstances.


On the day of play if anyone from your group has not arrived those players payments are not transferable.  So, entry fees cannot be exchanged for paintballs on the day when you arrive or during the day of play. 

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