Walking dead at Laser Mayhem

Thank you to everyone for attending our walk dead themed lasaer tag event.

We have multiple different senario games that we run every school half term and some other holidays such as Christmas and Easter.
We have run games based on Halo, Call of Duty, Star Wars and Zombie Survival in the past and we plan to do many more of these and maybe some new never done before senarios as pop culture develops.

Senario days usally run on the Wednesday of half term but sometimes if demand is high enough we will open it up to two days in the half term. This is why booking is so essential as the events usually fill up a week before the date.

See below for info on our next senario days: 

Our 'The Walking Dead' - Zombie Survival game is due to return this halloween holiday on Wednesday 25th October for only £19.99 per child. Survive the Zombie apocolypse while fighting around our amazing battlefields, featuring Russian T55 battle tanks, armoured personnel carriers, planes, helicopters, forts, and a replica Call of Duty map. If the weather's bad we have one indoor area and our urban area is 70% undercover. The Session time will be from 2pm-5pm. Limited spaces so booking essential ! Tel: 01708 688517. Laser Mayhem, Pryors Farm, Patch Park, Abridge, RM4 1AA.

To book your place, please call us on 01708 688517 or click on the button below.

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