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Starwars Returns to Laser-Mayhem 

The Force is awakening this Easter at Laser Mayhem. 3 hours of action for £19.99, with staff dressed up as characters from the films to interact and lead you in to battle, the Starwars missions will be awesome! Ideal for kids from 6 yrs old up to Mums and Dads. we have different Laser tag guns for smaller kids, older kids and adults space are limited so please book early.  Our battlefields are amazing with Russian T55 battle tanks, Armoured personel carriers, Planes, Helicopters, forts, and a replica call of duty map.  The 2pm session will finish as its getting dark but don't worry we have flood lights and Laser tag is really cool when its a bit dark.  If the weather's bad we also have one indoor area and our urban area which is 70% undercover.  Please book early to avoid disspaoint for June 1st 2016 we have 10-1pm and 2-5pm.

Laser Mayhem-the zombies are coming 26-10-16

Fear the Walking dead with our post appocolyptic zombie themed day for children during the half term


Comming soon!  Escape the zombie outbreak, fight or flight as you have to think on your feet. Laser Mayhem's halloween special zombie days are legendary and are designed for kids from 7yrs old, with face painting and staff dressed as zombies and marines. Treat the kids this halloween  to an awesome halloween zombie experence they will never for get.

Zombie Theme Laser Tag Experience coming soon in October half term keep your eyes peeled
Zombies at Mayhem

Experience a 3-hour simulation of a zombie outbreak during a combat situation as a chemical weapon that has unexpected side effects that changes the face of battle forever. Something has gone wrong and a deadly virus is beginning to spread like wildfire, affecting both allied and enemy forces.

Your squadron have been given specific orders, but now find themselves cut off from command and having to fend for themselves, do you try and complete and your missions and reach the extraction point whilst fending off the enemy and the walking dead?  Or do you dig in, and try to ride the situation out?

Set across post-apocalyptic landscapes expertly designed, you will find yourself and your squad armed to the teeth, and dropped into varying missions throughout your session.  You will be surrounded by real tanks, helicopters, planes and much, much more.  Resources will play a key role in these games, and different decisions you and your squad make, will affect the outcome of your day. Fight for survival, or become a meal for the walking dead.  Whatever you do, DO NOT MISS OUT.


  • 28th of October 10am-1pm or 2pm-5pm Pricing:  
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